Teachers Are Needed More Than Computer

Topics: Education, Teacher, Learning Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: October 17, 2006
In today's school, many teachers are now well prepares with their computer skills. In college or university, class like Education Technology Class (ETC) at the University of Houston-Downtown is required for all students like myself who want to become future teachers. Many students get ready for teaching career will gain tremendous computer skill from this ETC class. In this paper, I will discuss the important role of the teacher in the classroom and why do we need more teachers than computers. Teachers Are Important

According to the textbook Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching by M.D. Roblyer, the author made a clear message that "teachers always will be important". The author continued said that even though technology on the pace of increasing with new programs, software, etc. However, computers will never replace the role of the teachers. Teachers are need more essential more than computer. Computers are just a thing or a tool to help teachers use in their teaching role more effectively and efficiency. Computers also save times for teachers in preparing a lesson plan by using the same lesson plan that teachers can format on the computer. But computers can't fill in the role of a teacher. Computers doesn't have personality, mood, or feeling like teachers does. Computers can't discipline the students in the classroom if the students go out of control. Computers can't comfort a human soul. Therefore, computers can't replace the role of the teachers.

In the Cincinnati's paper The Enquirer, there is an article title Best teachers need more than apples written by a guest columnist named Jane Hannaway. The author stated that other things like books, computers in the class are necessity but only the teachers who make a difference. The author continued said that indeed teacher quality is the most important in school influence on the student achievement. That to be say quality teachers should need more than quality...

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