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The modern teacher stands out as a monitor of the learning process which is gradually and steadily happening inside and outside the classroom
This is the modern world where every individual, irrespective of the age group, is having been enriched with rich thoughts and highly motivated new innovations. As a matter of fact there is no student termed as dunce. If a student is beginning to misbehave, as we say, is a symptom of intelligence.
He or she wants to express his or her individual innovations or ideas in a peculiar way...or he/she is not realising or takes no notice of the present piece of work which is being assigned by the teacher in the classroom
The one who is behaving differently has comparatively a high potential for knowledge in the same area of learning content or in different area of context. The teacher should be able to give him/her the full freedom to come up with her/his ideas. He or she may have a high potential for leadership qualities. Get them to have every opportunity to explore and explode with their knowledge and experience. The so-called misbehaving student could be able to act as a young Teacher-a facilitator. Give him all the freedom to revoke his/her problems whether it is psychological or physiological....whatever the matter, the teacher should be able to identify the problem involved whether it related to subject matter or any other things that matters
If a student runs about in the classroom and teasing other students, it is assumed that the student is deliberately making a mess in the class with his peer group, but it is not deliberate attempt. The teacher now takes his role to diagnose the problem. The student may not be properly understood the task which is given to the class or he is not interested in it or he thinks that it would be a waste of time. Identifying the root cause is the teacher's task and once it is identified the teacher can find an appropriate remedy for the cause
Once the problem has been identified, it would

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