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Teacher training support letter

By wbamhare Nov 23, 2013 1137 Words

Teacher training support letter

Teaching is my passion and I have been involved in education for almost all my life. After having taught for so many years and acquired a wealth of experience. I still have the enthusiasm to continue contributing to the education of the child.

From 1984 to 1987 I was at Belvedere Technical Teachers College an associate college of the University of Zimbabwe and obtained a Certificate in Education. I have a Bachelor of Technology Education: Management Degree which I obtained in 1999 from Technikon Pretoria now Tshwane University of Technology in South Africa. In 2011 I completed a Master of Science Degree in Transport and Infrastructure Management at the University of Wolverhampton. I have six `O` level and GCSE passes including English and Mathematics. I also have two `A` level passes in Geography and Shona. I also have BTEC Customer Service certificate.

I taught for one year at primary school for the whole in 1983. I taught forms 1 to 4 after qualifying from college from 1988 to 2002. I had the experience of teaching Adult continuing classes at in the evenings from 1991 to 2002 up to Ordinary level. Throughout the years I taught examination classes at Junior Level (SATS) and Ordinary level (GCSE level)

In the UK I did supply teaching for about a year mainly teaching Design Technology. I spent a term at Appleton School in Essex near Basildon. I have been providing private tuition to GCSE students at homes ever since.

At the moment I am working with youths as a Youth Advisor/Mentor at Divine Waters Ministries in their Youth Ministry Programme. The programme is designed to provide youths with community skills and a platform to get into the society equipped with job interview and curriculum vitae preparation skills. The programme provides a forum for discussion on issues pertaining to society and challenges faced by the youths like overcoming peer pressure. I provide Shona language tuition to the youths since most of them were born in the UK. The guardians/parents want them to be fluent in the Zimbabwean vernacular language. I have also providing tuition to GCSE students in revising Geography.

I have a form teacher/class teacher for many years. As a form teacher I acquired the experience to have a one to one contact with pupils. This enabled me to gain counselling experience. I did registration of pupils, monitored dress code and punctuality among pupils. As a form teacher I gain experience to make end of term reports, analyse marks produce a report of each pupil and make recommendations on performance.

Throughout my teaching I acquired that children learnt in particular ways from nursery to teenage ages. The young ones at concrete operational stage tend to learn more as they play and handle things and by association, whilst the teenage ones are at the cognitive stage where they are able to understand abstract concepts. I had the experience that re-enforcement of behaviour/action by rewarding is very fundamental for children`s learning. I learnt to reward my pupils in many ways like written comments, praise, certificates and presents when a good action or performance has been done by my pupils. In my teaching of Geography I learnt that using the concentric teaching model from the known to the unknown incorporates the pupils` own knowledge and experiences in their immediate environment.

I rose through the ranks becoming a senior teacher, Head of Geography department from 1991 to 1997 developing my leadership and team working spirit. I was the school sports master from 1992 to1998 improving my working relations with pupils and teachers.

In 1998 I was promoted to the post of Resource Centre Teacher in Better Schools Programme Zimbabwe (BSPZ) for a cluster of 11 primary and secondary schools. A post I held until August 2002. BSPZ`s aim is to involve all stake holders in education in improving education. In BSPZ I acquired requisite communication skills to work with a diversity of cultures, educational stake holders at all levels in education including hard to reach communities and become very adaptable.

I am committed to my professional development to improve my career.

Over the years I acquired lesson presentation, listening and questioning techniques and strategies for lesson delivery vital in teaching. As a teacher I became aware of the need for caring supervision of pupils at all times in class, at sports and educational trips. I have acquired the experience to prepare and use resources for teaching.

In my teaching career I have taught at primary teaching all subjects and at secondary School Design Technology, Geography, Technical drawing, English language, Shona language and literature, History and Current Affairs.

I am in a position to transfer my teaching experiences to the training programme and share it with other students in discussions and in lectures.

154 Wave Close
Waterfront South
West Midlands

26 September, 2013.

Dear sir/madam,

Ref: Application for a post to do Qualified Teacher Status assessment route only or seventy (70) hours per year for Post Graduate Certificate in Education training.

I am applying for a place to do a Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) assessment only route into teaching at your School. I would like to do the assessment with the University of Wolverhampton. The QTS assessment only route into teaching requires me to secure a teaching place as an unqualified teacher for the duration of the assessment.

I have also applied at Walsall College to do a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). To be enrolled for the PGCE I need to secure 70 hours of teaching in a year as a prerequisite for the enrolment. I am therefore applying for teaching hours at your school.

I am an overseas trained teacher and would like to get into teaching in the UK. This requires me to have QTS.

I have satisfied all the requirements for me to do the QTS assessment at the University of Wolverhampton and the PGCE at Walsall College.

My specialist teaching subjects are Design Technology and Geography. I have fourteen (14) years teaching experience.

For further information and enquiries and information on the assessment only route into teaching you can contact Angela Gault at the at the Wolverhampton University Education Department. Her e-mail address is and her telephone number is 01902321000. For enquiries and further information on the PGCE course you can contact John Myler on telephone number 01922688504 or Louise Fall telephone number 01922688655 and her e-mail address is

My e-mail address is and my contact numbers are 07460939593 `and 07448986686.

Getting any of the posts will greatly improve my professional development and teaching career ambitions in the UK.

I am in a position to come and have any discussions pertaining to this application and I am more than willing to attend an interview at a time of your convenience.

I hope my application will be considered.

Yours sincerely,

White Bamhare

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