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Teacher That I Like

By DoeurnPhalin Jan 20, 2013 302 Words
Name: Doeurn Phalin

Teacher that I like
I Pre-writing
- Friendly - short - Pay attendant with students - Kind - Handsome - Knowledgeable - Good solving the problem - Funny - Good explaining - Good manner - Implement - High education - entire The teacher that I like is teacher Don Sarom. I’m a student at Kids international school. At there I have a teacher. His name is teacher Don Sarom. He is the teacher that I like very much. He is very handsome but he is shorter than me and fatter than me. He is very friendly and funny also. When he is explaining he always has a fun that make we want to study with him. He always pay attendant with all the student in the class. When have some students that don’t understand he will explain them again and again until they understand clearly. And when he explains, all the students are tried to listen to him altogether. He is very kind also. When I have some problem that I don’t know how to do I always call to ask him and he always tell me all the time although hi is studying or busying also. He always has enough implement to teach. When have some problem that happen in the school or in the class he always find the good solving. And he is the good manner person also. When he speaks is make all the student listen to him and always think what that he speak because he is a high education person. I’m very like him he is always helping me all time that I have problem or also the entire student in the class. I will remember all the things that he has done to me. If the entire teacher is as same as him I think all the students are very happy to study.

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