Teacher Student Relationship

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Teacher-Students Relationship

With the inflow of western education into India the old system of Guru and Shisya has vanished from the educational field of our country. In its place, a new system of teacher and student has come into existence. Hence, the ancient relationship between Guru and Shisya cannot be expected in the present system of teacher and student.

Present situation:
For various reasons inside and outside a school or a college, there is no scope for self-discipline and character building. So the students cannot form good habits, and after reading a few books they pass the examinations and become teachers outright. Once they become teachers, they think themselves all perfect and forget that, in order to be perfect teachers they should do lifelong study and self-disipline. So, the students cannot find and ideal before them an consequently become wild and wayward. So, it is natural that the modern teachers have no influence on their students and the modern students have no appreciation for their teacher.

How to improve the present situation:
However, the present relationship between the teachers and their students needs to be improved in the interest of our country. For this teachers should make themselves high and holy by building up their character, personal integrity and learning. They should be ideal not only to the students but also to the society around them. If the teachers can do this, their students will automatically come to the line.

In this context, we the students should not evade our share of responsibility for improving our relationship with our teachers. We should sincerely co-operate to make the relation holy and healthy.
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