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Teacher/Student Relationship

By shawndescoteaux Nov 11, 2008 457 Words
Relationship between students and teachers
Do teenagers really know how to act opposite their teachers? In past centuries, students were treating their teacher as an employee treats his boss. 20 years ago, a teacher never had to tell his students to shut up during class. Never a student would have called his teacher by his first name. Times have changed. Now, too many students treat their teacher as they treat their friends. The relationship between students and teachers is now too friendly and teachers are now paying for that. To get back to a good relationship, teachers should have more power that they have now. First of all, students talk to teachers the same way they talk to a friend. To change that, teachers should demand to be called by their last name. In the 1960’s, students were obligated to call their mistress by their last name. It was a mark of respect and the relationship between them was more professional that it is now. These days, Over 70% of high school students are using cursing when they talk to schoolteacher. Changing the way they have to address to them will automatically change the vocabulary they will use. Therefore, the relationship between them will be more respectful. Furthermore, students of our days are not listening when the teacher is talking. This isn’t respectful for the teacher and it makes a tense relationship. 40 years ago, when a student wasn’t paying attention, the professor had more liberty to punish the student then today. He could snap the fingers of the student with a ruler or simply make him kneel in the corner of the class for an hour. It can seem strict, but it was making the student think of what he has done wrong. However, I am not saying that we should get back to the strap, but teachers should have the right to be stricter and maybe then, teenagers will realize that the relationship between a teacher and a student should be professional and not friendly. Moreover, teachers cannot raise tone anymore. Consequently, the authority figure of the teacher is now wicker. Students realize it and make it to their advantage. They miss respect and the relation between the teacher and them is pretty fragile. For example, when the schoolboy sees that his teacher cannot scream over him, he realizes that he can do almost what he wants without being squabbled. In consequence, teenagers are not enough respectful. In conclusion, relationship between students and teachers would be better if these last had more power. If we don’t let the teachers more rights, the situation will definitely decrease. Should the government do something to help those teacher to bring back good relationship?

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