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Teacher of Yeadterday, Today and Tomorrow

By sheyescudo Sep 09, 2013 547 Words
Teacher’s Reflection
Teachers of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”  ― William Arthur Ward

Objective: To learn the characteristics and importance of teachers from yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Teachers are the one who educate our youth. They are the reason why there are successful people in our planet. I chose this quote because I know I can relate. Our activity in this lesson is to describe the characteristics of teachers from yesterday, today and in the future by drawing it on the board. We are group into three and all of us cooperate and drew a great picture of the characteristics of them. I am a member of group two; we are assigned to draw the teachers of tomorrow. My group mates and I discussed about teachers of tomorrow. And we conclude that teachers of tomorrow are the most effective teacher because we are experiencing the teaching styles, methods and approaches of the teachers of tomorrow. We have three periodization of a teacher in our society. Firstly, is the teacher of yesterday. It is where the learning of the first people began, where the Filipinos’ were taught by a strict teacher. Those yesterday teachers or perennials teacher was strict in teaching their subject matter. It is a teacher-centered type of classroom. These teachers are the fountain of information inside the classroom. The teachers of yesterday do not allow the students’ interests or experiences to sustainability dictate what they teach. They are the dictators inside the classroom; they made rules and procedures on what they want. They apply whatever creative techniques and other tried and true methods which are believed to be the most conducive to disciplining the students’ minds. They are practicing disciplining the students by kneeling on the beans, facing the wall, squatting, or any punishment so that the students will learn the subject matter easily. But I can say that the teachers of yesterday are very effective teachers. Next are the teachers of today. Teachers today are practicing the different philosophies of teaching the learners. I think they are the better than the teacher of yesterday. Because they are the product of the teachers from yesterday, they really learned many things from their former teachers, through disciplining those using punishments. I think they are the better because they have the knowledge and heart to teach the students. But that doesn’t mean that they already know everything because I can say that the teachers of today have difficulty in understanding the newest K-12 program and everything. Lastly are the teachers of tomorrow. They are the best teachers for me because they already master the subjects and I think that students and the age are techy. I think those teachers are teaching and using highly of technology of teaching. Ten years from now, the technologies are now improved. It can be the teachers are now teaching only at home, by using a hologram, teachers only communicate by using a video camera and sending some assignments thru the use of the computers and many more. But I can assure that learners will learn their lesson in that way. I can say this because teachers are more conscious about how they teach.

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