Teacher for a Day

Topics: Trousers, English-language films, Modesty Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: October 22, 2014
Teacher-for-a-Day; What I Say GOES
I have recently won the school contest for being the most gorgeous girl in the school. The prize was to be teacher-for-a-day. So many ideas ran through my head. I could do anything I want and ever imagined to do! It is so hard to choose what I wanted to do. School is only eight hours out of the day, how could I ever get all I wanted in that time span. If I really had to choose three most important thing to do as teacher-for-a-day, it would have to be change all the grades, make my classroom crush a “teacher’s pet”, and have a dress code for every individual in class. My first idea as teacher-for-a-day, is change all the grades in the classroom. I would defiantly change all my low grads into A++’s. I do want to make myself come first out of everyone else! Of course I would change my best friend’s grades too, I would also change my classroom crushes grades too. He isn’t the brightest kid in class. As for people I hate the most, like the girl who thinks she’s better then everyone because her daddy buys her everything she asks for, the boy who never make me his “woman crush Wednesday”, and the girls who dress the same, act the same, walk the same, you get my point. I would burn all their hard work they made others do for them. I would fail them all and watch them cry as they have to retake the class. My second idea as teacher-for-a-day, would be make my classroom crush my “teacher’s pet”. By making the hottest guy in the classroom my little teacher’s pet I can control him and abuse him as much as I want for a day. I would make him wear tight baseball pants to show off his nice assets, with no shirt to show off his nice tan chest. I would make him massage me and sing to me while I eat. Of course if he doesn’t do as I wish I will fail him until he does decide to do so. He will have no choice, he will have to be mine. As soon as I’m done being teacher-for-a-day he would fall in love with me after this and become my...
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