Teacher and School

Topics: Teacher, Anxiety, Education Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Evaluate how the policies and procedures of the setting support children and young people to;
a) Feel safe
b) Make a positive contribution
c) Develop social and emotional skills
d) Understand expectations and limits
Reeden Court School takes a whole school approach in implementing 5 National Outcomes. Two of the outcomes are; Feel Safe and Make a Positive Contribution. Feel safe; Redden Court School guarantees that every child attending the school feels secure and protected in the school setting and that they accomplish high standards of behaviour. Every child will feel safe from bullying and discrimination, any child with a worry or problem is encouraged to talk it through with someone who they trust. Parents also have the right to know that their child is being well looked after and Redden Court School have an ‘Open door policy’ where any parent who has concerns are able to meet with the Head teacher to talk through any worries or anxieties that they may be experiencing. Make a Positive Contribution; Redden Court ensures that the views of the children attending the school are reflected in the curriculum planning and teaching. Parents are expected to support the school in encouraging their children to develop positive behaviour and relationships by having the confidence to deal with everyday challenges. Children are commended on their contribution to the school by receiving merits or spot light awards that are presented in assembly. By doing this it gives the children a sense of achievement and makes them feel like they are contributing to the school. Develop Social and Emotional Skills; it is essential that children’s social and emotional skills are developed and taught as early as possible in order to give them the best chance of developing a healthy, emotional and social acumen later on in life, it is important that children learn social skills such as taking turns, learn to cooperate, be able to respond assertively in certain circumstances and...
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