Teacher and His/her Chosen Field

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Teaching as said by many scholars is the noblest of all professions. Considering this viewpoint, one can likely say that no other calling is capable of existence without due regard to the essential role played by the teachers in molding and shaping the minds of the youths. Likewise, the success of every man in undertaking his/her chosen field of endeavor greatly banks on the good training that he/she acquires from his/her mentors.

If one will closely examine the origin of excellent leaders in history, he will be surprised to know that every known philosopher and thinker fashioned his/her best craft through the undying and endless instruction of a teacher. For instance, Dr. Jose P. Rizal drew his promising and remarkable knowledge from his mother who became his first teacher. Through the help of true-to-life experiences coupled with the shining wisdom that Rizal’s mother imparted to him, Jose was able to prove to the world that one’s teaching can be the best source of success and inspiration. In addition, victory in teaching cannot be achieved by any scholar without looking back at education as its sole foundation. Therefore, no one can belittle the gigantic tasks being undertaken by the teachers in and out of the school. It is for this reason that we see the teacher as a person who does not only possess the know-how in the world of teaching but in a larger sense, he/she is an individual endowed by God with various characters to play like a mother or father, friend, counselor, motivator and most of all as a good mentor in the eyes of his/her learners.

The life of a teacher can be unimaginable at some point, in that several responsibilities are put on his/her shoulder. Living the life of a teacher is like always choosing the righteous kind of living where you have to act according to the view and expectations of the people around you. Though, being in the world of teaching is aching most of the time, a teacher should always be...
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