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Dear Families,

Hi! I would like to welcome you and your child to Third Grade! I am excited to have an opportunity to be an important part of your child’s education.

Third grade is an important step in your child’s education. It consists of many new tasks and skills for your child. They are required to think more critically and work more independently. My goal is to guide and instruct your child so that he/she will be fully prepared for fourth grade. In order to accomplish this, teamwork is critical. My role as teacher for your child is to provide daily instruction, meaningful class work and homework assignments, and to provide a stimulating environment and opportunities for success.

To ensure that the opening of school goes smoothly, we would like to bring your attention to activities and procedures that are important to the third grade level.

All toys are to stay AT HOME unless specifically requested by teachers. Any materials (including clothing) should be clearly marked with your child's name.

Organization and Homework

To assist your child in developing good organizational skills, the following routines are necessary: 1. Review and sign all homework and planner nightly.

2. Work is to be completed in pencil only unless otherwise stated.

3. Homework is written, by your child daily, in their agenda. Check off work completed and initial planner nightly.

4. Homework is an opportunity to practice material learned in the classroom to the level of mastery. In order for us to maintain daily contact, we ask that you check your child's homework daily for accuracy and understanding. Do not sign homework or planner unless you have checked over homework and are sure it has been completed.

5. Take Home Folder: Your child will be bringing home a folder every night. The homework folder should be cleaned out nightly and only papers that need to be returned to school should be left in the folder.

6. I will try to make...
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