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1. The Tea Party Movement, a religious movement
a) The origins

The tea party movement takes it name from the Boston tea party which was  a protest by colonists who objected to a British tax on tea in 1773. It was an historic event which marked the beginning of the American Revolution against the British monarchy in the eighteenth century. Moreover the acronym TEA stands for "Taxed Enough Already". Tea Party movement, conservative populist social and political movement that emerged in 2009 in the United States, generally opposing excessive taxation, immigration, and government intervention in the private sector. The movement began on Feb. 19, 2009, when Rick Santelli, a commentator on the business-news network CNBC, referenced the Boston Tea Party (1773) in his response to Press. The first national protest was on February 19, 2009, Rick Santelli, a reporter for the CNBC financial channel, proposed on YouTube to protest against the president's decision to release 56.28€ billion to help homeowners avoid foreclosure indebted to their house by organizing a "Tea Party" Chicago. Movement gaining momentum in the public disclosure of the amount of bonuses paid to leaders of AIG, bailed out by the first stimulus plan of government. He won importance again during the debates on health care reform led by Barack Obama and brings crucial support to the election of Republican Scott Brown to the Senate of the United States for one of two seats in Massachusetts

15 Non-révisableCore Beliefs
1. Illegal aliens are here illegally.
2. Pro-domestic employment is indispensable.
3. A strong military is essential.
4. Special interests must be eliminated.
5. Gun ownership is sacred.
6. Government must be downsized.
7. The national budget must be balanced.
8. Deficit spending must end.
9. Bailout and stimulus plans are illegal.
10. Reducing personal income taxes is a must.
11. Reducing business income taxes is mandatory.
12. Political offices must be available to average citizens. 13. Intrusive government must be stopped.
14. English as our core language is required.
15. Traditional family values are encouraged.

b) Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin is a member of the republican party. December 4, 2006, she was elected governor of Alaska, the first woman and the youngest elected to hold this position. August 29, 2008, John McCain, the Republican candidate in the presidential election, chooses her as his running mate and candidate for Vice President of the United States. She is the second woman, after Geraldine Ferraro in 1984 to be a major party candidate for vice-president. She resigned as governor July 26, 2009. She is a member of the Tea party movement since she shook up American politics with her acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is set to headline another landmark political event: the first-ever Tea Party Convention next month in Nashville,Tenn. Nearly unknown when John McCain has chosen her as the Republican presidential ticket in 2008, Sarah Palin is now one of the most popular figures in the base of the Grand Old Party. And display her ambition to run herself the White House in 2012. During the first-ever Tea Party Convention in Nashville,Tenn, she received a triumphal welcome from some of the 1000 participants.  Palin said the Tea Party movement is "the future of politics in America." She's a Christian and against the abortion and homosexuality, she got a lot of ideas which approach the ideas of the Puritans. She is a defender of pro life movement, which refers to a movement involving associations and individuals, often close to Christian religious movements, defending the "right to life" through opposition to abortion and euthanasia in any form, and sometimes some form of contraception.

c) Ron Paul
Ron Paul is an American politician, a member of the Republican Party,...
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