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Ways to make Tetley successful tea in Pakistan? Why Tetley is still fail in Pakistan? Causes and consequences? Tetley is a leading brand of Tea in UK since 1837.it has distinctive tea flavors all over the world. Even in UK people prefer Tetley tea more as compared to other brands. But why it badly failed in Pakistan. There are many reasons of it. Initially any product comes to customers mind by its name and packaging. Name and Packaging Problems:

Tetley from its name does not come clearly in customers perception as still in Pakistan people pronounced Tetley as Tetley or Tatli. In two ads of Tetley it’s not cleared in the ad that what the exact name of product. Furthermore the packaging color is quite odd for a tea. Tea is usually has the golden, skin, reddish color but there is no way to represent a tea with purple color. That shows what mistakes Tetley done in their packaging. But here the question must be arises that Dairy Milk Chocolates have also purple packaging than why there is an issue with the packaging of Tetley. Chocolate is an item which has come in many colors as color can be added in chocolates. From US and Middle East chocolate even come in white black and orange candy colors so yes there is no issue with the color of packaging of Cadbury. But how can you make a tea of purple color. Tea can only be recognized by yellow, golden, green, reddish colors as strong, lemon tea and green tea has all these colors. Unclear Ads:

After packaging and Name the second most important thing that makes an image and increase the demand of customer is the advertisement of the product to clarify what is the target market of the product. Where Tetley again failed.it use a line of slogan pehley ankhon sey pee,saanson sey pee,phir honton sey pee to janat mili.No body understand what completely the ad says. In Pakistan Tea Players has completely tapped the market through the strong notions such as Tapal use Family concept where it shows family members love and...
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