Topics: Comedy, Woman, Humour Pages: 4 (1547 words) Published: June 25, 2013
The Drover’s Wife:
* Henry Lawson’s short story “The Drover’s Wife” is about a woman and her four children that must cope with the dangers and natural elements of the Australian bush. * By Lawson not using a description of the woman he makes the story symbolic to all women in her position throughout the bush. (by not giving her a name and making her description pretty generic/general) so it’s a story about the stamina and resourcefulness of the people in the bush – in this case extending to women. * The story emphasizes the drover’s wife’s fierce independence as she battles a hostile environment to ensure her survival and the survival of her family through the accumulation of negative visual and auditory images. * and ‘the gaunt sun-browned woman’

* Extended imagery – choice of adjectives conveys the harsh nature of the land, by showing us an image of the adverse effects on the inhabitants of the land. * Thus by linking the environment to its inhabitants, Lawson’s omniscient third-person narrator shapes our understanding that the unique Australian traits of resilience and courage are the product of an interaction with a hostile environment. * Lawson also uses the dog Alligator a “Big black yellow eyed dog of all breeds…” as another protector of the family and essential to the woman’s ability to survive. * Her dependence on the dog emphasises her isolation “Only last week a… swagman… threw his swag down on the veranda, and demanded tucker. She gave him something to eat… loosened the dog and confronted him. He looked at the dog then her and left” another comment is made about the dog – that she can’t afford to lose him (to the snake) – bush aspect – working dog – contributor to family. There are no luxuries – no pets, everything has to contribute towards survival. * “Young Lady’s Journal…’ its mention in her context emphasises that her surrounding’s not favourable to the development of the womanly side of her nature....
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