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TDA 2.9 Support children and young people’s positive behaviour UNIT REF: T/601/7407
It is so important to apply the boundaries and rules for children and young people’s behaviour because it brings consistently to the class/school. There are a number of children in year 2 with behaviour issues and each child is treated differently, three children have charts on there desks with smiley faces to stick to it this if they show positive behaviour within the class room and out in the playground at lunch, other children may have a race track sticker chart to encourage positive behaviour and encourage them to do there work within class. Another child that I work with who has severe autism this child has a behaviour chart to promote positive behaviour this involves 3 pieces of independent/adult led work they do, they will receive three smiley’s on there chart this will then praise the said child and the child will then get some time on the schools IPAD. If negative behaviour is shown the said child will have a weighted blanket put on and taken to the thinking area in the classroom this is how we are trying to help the said child to recognise there aggressive behaviour before it starts. Myself, Class TA, Mid Day Supervisor and Class teacher follow certain guidelines for that child so it’s consistent. Some class rooms have thinking areas or reflection areas for the child to go to think about there behaviour and to make the right choices. Each child is very different and it is important to apply the boundaries and rules so they do have consistency this is also important that any staff working with the children use the same boundaries, if a child is showing positive behaviour then its more likely that other children in the class will follow there behaviour.

Helen Green
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