Tda 2.4 Task 2

Topics: Discrimination, Racism, Race Pages: 2 (652 words) Published: February 12, 2012
Unit number TDA 2.4
When you work in a school environment it is very important to know the ways in which children can suffer prejudice and discrimination. Very often they can happen due to ignorance, such as assuming that all people in wheelchairs have learning difficulties. It is a sad fact that peoples assumptions about groups of individuals very often lead to discrimination about that group. Different types of prejudice include:

Racism – discrimination based on skin colour or race
Sexism – based on gender
Religion – each different religion may feel that their faith is superior Social – this is usually directed towards the poor
Homophobic – Directed towards gay people
Transgender – Directed towards transsexuals
There are two types of discrimination that CYP can undergo
Direct discrimination – This is when CYP are denied access to parts of education due to their race, sex or disability, e.g. a schools refusal to accept a wheelchair student due to a lack of ramps or a group of pupils not letting a another pupil join in because of their skin colour. Indirect discrimination - This is harder to spot and generally occurs because of a lack of planning. An example of this is the boy refused entry on his first day at school in 2009 because of his cornrow braids which the school considered a “badge of gang membership”. The high court called this indirect racial discrimination. 2.2

Prejudice and discrimination can affect CYP in a number of ways that can adversely affect their performance in school. CYP that experience these factors generally suffer from low self esteem feeling that they are being picked on and outnumbered. This can lead to a lack of enthusiasm for academic work which affects their standing in class leading to depression and sometimes they have a tendency to be angry and “lash out” at their tormentors getting them, not the tormentor, into trouble. The feeling of exclusion leads to confusion and is not very nice and teachers should look...
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