TDA 2.2 Safeguarding the welfare of children and young people

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TDA 2.2 Safeguarding the welfare of children and young people
Elizabeth Millington
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TDA 2.2: Safeguarding the welfare of children and young people

Task 1..... 3.1 Identify the characteristics of the different types of child abuse..

(L2 book LST page 27/28/29)

There are 4 types of ABUSE...

.NEGLECT:.. This can be difficult to recognise and seen as less serious as the others, but can still be very damaging to child development both physically and mentally...

PHYSICAL signs to look for :
.Hungry. (possible stealing food from others)
.Unkept. (clothes unwashed and/or personal hygiene ..smelly)
.Weight. (struggles to maintain a weight appropriate for their age.)
.Clothing. (inappropriate for weather conditions. Especially in winter, no jumper/coat/footwear)
.Medical. ( lack of treatment for injuries or illnesses)

BEHAVIOURAL signs to look for:
.excesive tiredness
.frequent lateness or absense friends
.stealing (food..)

PHYSICAL:.. Although its quite common for children to have cuts , bruises caused through play. Concern is when they are more serious.

PHYSICAL signs to look for:
.injuries were child cannot explain the cause, or tells unconvincing reason
.injuries that have not been treated
.injuries on parts of body that dont tie in with the cause. Ie face.chest..
.bruising that resembles hand or fingers..
.burns that resemble cigarette
.bites (human not animal
.scalds (rings.tide mark from being forced in hot water.. or upwards splashes were water thrown.

BEHAVIOURAL signs to look for:
.outbursts of temper, aggression..
.violence towards other children.
.fear of going home
.not wanting parents/guardians to be called to school.
.nervous around other adults, afraid if touched
.covering up in hot weather.
.mood swings that out of character

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.SEXUAL:.. This is something can be happerning to both girls and boys.. Most of the time it happens in private, but not always.. The child masy be asked to keep a secret, or threatened if they disclose the abuse.
The child may feel ashamed of what is

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