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tcvn Vietnamese Standard

TCVN ……..: 2010
Thermopplastic Pipe and Fittings for Fire Protection Services Requirements and Test Methods

HA NOI – 2010

Establishment Project and Revisions for Vietnamese Standard (TCVN)

1. Standard name: Thermoplastic pipes and fittings for Fire Protection Service – Requirements and Testing Methods.

TCVN Revision (code number, standard name):

Accepting Standard:
(Code number must be written clearly in Vietnamese corresponding with the foreign language )

2. Range of applications:
This standard stipulate the fire protection requirements, high pressure strength, crush resistance strength, impact resistance strength,vibration, kinking, hydrostastic pressure strength, temperature cycling, pressure cycling and friction of thermoplastic pipes. 3. Organization’s/Personal’s proposal:

Organization/Personal: Department of Science, Technology & Environment – General Department VI. Governing Body (if yes): Ministry of Public Security.
Telephone: 069.4760 Fax: 7565321

4. Summary of Standard’s Object Status( Domestic & Overseas) 4.1. Status of Production, Business, Applications, Import-Export, Quality... - Thermoplastic Pipes For Fire Protection Services which has been used in Viet Nam before was imported mostly from overseas. - There were few domestic companys who had manufactured high pressure strength plastic pipes but they didn’t follow any specific standard. - Applications of pipe for Fire Protection Services in household or project is now not in accordance with which of any specific standard. - Foreign Investment’s Projects have been met a lot of troubles in activities due to lack of enough TCVN standards for Thermoplastic Pipe For Fire Protection Services in applying. 4.2. Standardization (TCH):

4.2.1. General:
- There was TCVN 3890 – 84 which is the standard of Means,Equipments,Arrangement,Inspection & Maintenance for Fire Protection Services. - However this standard were enforced for a long time and just was being focused on arrangement,maintenance,inspection of Common Firefighting Equipments but has not had any specific requirements about Fire Protection Equipments in household and projects yet. - Together with the developing economy and social the demand for High Standard Fire Protection Services is vital. 4.2.2. Enforced Standard :

Has not yet| | Has , check listed items| x|
Being setup standards TCVN, TCN, TCQT:
Has not yet| | Has , check listed items| x|

4.2.3. Items were not standardized:
- Household variation , suitable pipe assembly arrangement in project. - Technical requirements for Thermoplastic Pipes For Fire Protection Services 5. Reasons for establishing / Revising Standard:

- Standard TCVN 5760 - 1993. Fire Protection System, general requirements about designs, installations and uses. - Standard TCVN 4513-88. Inner water supplying.Design standard. Article 4.3 of this standard stipulate the type of pipe in use as follow : a. Cast-iron pipe if pipe diameter > 50mm.

b. Galvanized iron pipe if pipe diameter < 50mm.
- Standard 20TCN-33-85. Stipulate outer water supplying & in project. Design standard. - These standards were enforced a long time ago, and not being updated with new regulations which causing difficult to design, approve any of Fire Protection Services’ subjects and approach new technology. - Together with strong developing life, economy, social the demand for Fire Protection Services must be invested with full of means and equipments to maintain its requirements. - So the Fire Protection Services must be standardized in accordance with the international standard and region.

6. Purpose of Establishment / Revision Standard:
6.1. The standard in order to:
- Official law writing is promulgated by the Vietnamese government (Law’s name, ordinance,& decree must be written clear): Fire Protection Services’ Law. Government’s decree...
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