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Rich cultural diversity @ TCS
What does it mean to have 250,000 employees of 113 different nationalities in 42 countries? Dr Ritu Anand, vice president and deputy global head of HR at TCS, shares some insights It’s a veritable United Nations of workers, an organisation that gives true meaning to ‘globalisation’. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), with 183 offices across 42 countries, 250,000 employees representing 113 different nationalities, is “the only Indian-headquartered multinational company with this kind of diversity,” says Dr Ritu Anand, vice president and deputy global head of human resources (HR), who, besides looking after global talent management also handles the diversity and inclusion portfolio at TCS. Referring to the cultural diversity of the company, Dr Anand remarks, “If anything is challenging, then this is it.” Expanding internationalism

Approximately 8 percent of TCSers are non-Indian nationals — Americans, Britishers, Europeans, Latin Americans, Chinese citizens and others. With the company expanding its global footprint, TCS has started hiring experts locally in most of the countries it operates. While the bulk of employees continue to be Indians, TCS expects the percentage of non-Indians to increase steadily over the years. A step in that direction is hiring from campuses globally. Formidable challenges

Dr Anand admits that it is challenging to embrace cultural diversity in non-English speaking countries. “There are issues related to language, laws and regulations and understanding the local culture,” she explains. “It is tough, but achievable.” In Latin America where TCS has presence in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Uruguay, the company has strategies in place to ensure a good mix of nationalities at all levels. Integration at work

To ensure greater integration among its culturally-diverse employee pool, TCS launched ‘Culture Meter’ in 2008 on its intranet. “We profile different countries in a lively way,” says Dr Anand,...
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