Tb Case Holding

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Case Holding
-Ensures treatment compliance
-Indirectly, this will translate to treatment success or cure -Poor treatment compliance may lead to the following outcomes: oChronic infectious illness
oDrug resistance

Poor Case Holding
1.Inadequate drugs and poor drug distribution
2.Patient’s non-adherence
3.Physician’s non-adherence
4.Low motivation of health workers

SLU PPMD Unit: Operations

PTB Suspect
-Cough > 2 weeks with or without the following
oBack pains
oWeight loss
oEasy fatigability

Refer to SLUPPMD unity for sputum AFB smear



TreatRefer to TBDC

Send back to referring physician
-Importance of taking the drug
-Role of treatment partner in the family
-Possible side effects
-Regular physical examination

Classification of TB cases
1.Pulmonary TB
a.Smear positive
o>2 (+) sputum AFB + radiographic abnormalities consistent with TB, OR o1 (+) sputum AFB + radiographic abnormalities consistent with active TB as determined by a physician, OR o1 (+) sputum AFB + sputum culture (+) for MTB

b.Smear negative
o> 3 (-) sputum AFB with radiographic abnormality consistent with active PTB, AND ono response to a course of antibiotics, AND
oTBDC decides to treat the patient

2.Extra-Pulmonary TB (EP)
a.A patient with at least one mycobacterial smear/culture positive from an extra-pulmonary site, OR b.A patient with histological &/or clinical evidence consistent with active extra-pulmonary TB and there is a decision by the TBDC to treat the patient with anti-TB drugs. -Note: All EP cases shall undergo DSSM prior to treatment

Types of TB Cases
-New – no Tx or 2 months
-Treatment failure – still (+) on the 5th month
-Other – became (+) on 2nd month; interrupted Tx but smear (-)

Recommended Category of Treatment Regimen
CategoryType of TB PatientTB Treatment Regimen
INew smear (+) PTB
New smear (-)...
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