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Assessment task 2 – essay

Topic: Describe and evaluate the key elements of Frederick Taylors approach to ‘scientific management’ and comment on its applicability in contemporary organizations.

Scientific management, also known as taylorism, is an approach to management which seeks to synthesize workflows. The primary focus of Frederick Taylors approach to scientific management was to maximize economic efficiency, quite heavily emphasizing on the role of labor productivity. Taylor described scientific management as “standardization of tools and implements of work methods” (Taylor, 1964), he broke his theory down into four main concepts, his principles of management; the development of a true science, the scientific selection of the workmen, the scientific education and development of the workmen and finally the intimate and friendly cooperation between the management of men. Taylor describes these elements as “merely the elements or details of the mechanics of management” (Taylor 1964), throughout this essay the original elements of scientific management will be examined as to whether they are still relevant in present-day organizations.

The development of a true science, Taylors first element of scientific management encompasses his theory that “ there was one and only one method of work that maximizes efficiency” (Taylor, 1964), which would be developed via scientific means. He discussed how several operations of work process would be examined and that key advantages of multiple process’ would be collaborated into a “single standard implementation” (Taylor, 1998), thereby allowing workers to become more efficient and with more ease than in the previous regime. These process’ specified “ not only what is to be done but how it is to be done and the exact time allowed for doing it” (Taylor, 1998). By doing this, Taylor allowed little room for error by employees and...
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