Taylor v Mayo

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In 1911, Fredrick Taylor’s published his work, The Principles of Scientific Management, in which he tried to convince how the application of the scientific method to the employees would significantly enhance their work productivity. These types of scientific methods strived to improve how tasks were performed and simplifying the jobs so much that one worker would find how to perform their specialized task in the fastest and most efficient way. Obviously, this was only for the benefit of the top management who were paying the employees, while dehumanizing the workers by not considering their needs or wants.

In Taylor’s opinion, workers were strictly motivated by the amount of money they were being paid. He promoted the idea of a “fair days’ pay for a fair day of work”. Therefore, if a worker didn't produce enough work in a day, he did not deserve to be paid as much as another worker who was highly productive.

Taylor and the school of scientific management put forth four main principles that would result in maximum efficiency of the workers. First, he believes that if left alone and unsupervised, workers would not be productive, because they naturally do not like work. Therefore, management must monitor worker performance at all times, while providing instructions and supervision to ensure that they are using the most efficient ways of working. Next, management and workers should be separated, allowing management to spend their time planning and training, so the workers will not be distracted and will strictly focus on working efficiently.

The third principle suggests to replace working by "rule of thumb," or simple habit and common sense, and instead use the scientific method to study work and determine the most efficient way to perform specific tasks. Next, rather than simply assign workers to just any job, match workers to their jobs based on capability and motivation, and train them to work at maximum efficiency. Again, based on scientific...
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