Topics: Whale, Amazon Rainforest, Jaguar Pages: 1 (731 words) Published: October 8, 1999
This following report will show you the classifications and information of the Jaguar, Tiger Shark, Earth Worm, Red Wood, and Killer Whale.CategoryJaguarTiger SharkEarth WormRed WoodKiller Whale.Kingdom-AnimaliaAnimaliaAnimaliaPlantaeAnimalia. Phylum-ChordataChordataAnnelidaEmbryophytaChordataClass-MammaliaChondrichthyesOligochaetaConiferopsidaMammalia.Order-CarnivoraCarcharhiniformesHaplotaxidaConiferalesCetaceaFamily-FelidaeCarcharhinidaeMegasclolecidaecupressaceaeDelphinidae.Genus-PantheraGalecoerdoPheretimaSequoiaOrcinus.Species- Panthera oncaGalecoerdo covierPheretima SieboldiSequoia sempervirenesOrcinus orcaTHE JAGUARThe largest member of the cat family found on the American continents is the jaguar. Its average length is between 6 and 7 feet (about 2 meters). It has a large head and massive legs. Jaguars vary in color, but usually they are yellowish brown, with black spots like those of the leopard. The jaguar's spots, however, are larger and more angular. The jaguar was once found from the southern United States to Uruguay, but now it is a species in danger of extinction and survives mainly in undeveloped rain forests in Central and South America. The largest known population exists in the Amazon rain forest. Although jaguars usually stalk or ambush their prey, which consists mostly of peccaries, they are excellent swimmers and sometimes take capybaras, tapirs, crocodiles, and fish.TIGER SHARKSometimes called Leopard shark cause of his markings. This Texas...
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