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Jewuan: The argument for taxes is a very straightforward one: if government is on balance there is a positive force in society, then taxes are good. 

Sarah: Taxes, after all, are dues that we pay for the privileges of membership in an organized society.” With them we buy civilization."

Look around us how would we be able to operate if it weren’t for the taxes that support our federal government

Jewaun: Taxes favor the people because we use services offered by the government. The government may fail in the areas of military support, education, public transportation, and care for the elderly. Research shows that government currently funds approximately 1607 federal programs. The total funding is |$1,974,042,215,000 |

| |

Sarah: Keeping the corporate tax rate at its current rate ensures the continued funding of these programs through corporate tax dollars. Reduction of the corporate tax my reduce the survival of some of these programs

Jewaun: The U.S. government first started collecting taxes as early as its first days after the freedom gained in the Revolutionary War. It became apparent very quickly that the new government would not be able to function if it did not have money to pay for an army and the various basic services expected from it.

Sarah: when we declared independence from the British we did say No taxation without representation. Saying we will pay taxes that a representative in the house or assembly have approved and passed into a law

Jewuan: Would your response be somewhere along the lines of taxes are the lifeblood of the government? It is true. The government has to collect taxes so that it can pay its debts or bills. The government will not be able to operate if it does not have the taxes to help with the cost of government operations.

Sarah: They could do that, of course. Unfortunately, if the government prints out the money, this would cause...
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