Taxation: Tax on Income (Philippines)

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SEC. 34. Deductions from Gross Income. - Except for taxpayers earning compensation income arising from personal services rendered under an employer-employee relationship where no deductions shall be allowed under this Section other than under subsection (M) hereof, in computing taxable income subject to income tax under Sections 24 (A); 25 (A); 26; 27 (A), (B) and (C); and 28 (A) (1), there shall be allowed the following deductions from gross income; (A) Expenses. -

(1) Ordinary and Necessary Trade, Business or Professional Expenses.- (a) In General. - There shall be allowed as deduction from gross income all the ordinary and necessary expenses paid or incurred during the taxable year in carrying on or which are directly attributable to, the development, management, operation and/or conduct of the trade, business or exercise of a profession, including:

(i) A reasonable allowance for salaries, wages, and other forms of compensation for personal services actually rendered, including the grossed-up monetary value of fringe benefit furnished or granted by the employer to the employee: Provided, That the final tax imposed under Section 33 hereof has been paid; (ii) A reasonable allowance for travel expenses, here and abroad, while away from home in the pursuit of trade, business or profession; (iii) A reasonable allowance for rentals and/or other payments which are required as a condition for the continued use or possession, for purposes of the trade, business or profession, of property to which the taxpayer has not taken or is not taking title or in which he has no equity other than that of a lessee, user or possessor; (iv) A reasonable allowance for entertainment, amusement and recreation expenses during the taxable year, that are directly connected to the development, management and operation of the trade, business or profession of the taxpayer, or that are directly related to or in furtherance of the conduct of his or its trade, business or exercise of a profession not to exceed such ceilings as the Secretary of Finance may, by rules and regulations prescribe, upon recommendation of the Commissioner, taking into account the needs as well as the special circumstances, nature and character of the industry, trade, business, or profession of the taxpayer: Provided, That any expense incurred for entertainment, amusement or recreation that is contrary to law, morals public policy or public order shall in no case be allowed as a deduction.

(b) Substantiation Requirements. - No deduction from gross income shall be allowed under Subsection (A) hereof unless the taxpayer shall substantiate with sufficient evidence, such as official receipts or other adequate records: (i) the amount of the expense being deducted, and (ii) the direct connection or relation of the expense being deducted to the development, management, operation and/or conduct of the trade, business or profession of the taxpayer. (c) Bribes, Kickbacks and Other Similar Payments. - No deduction from gross income shall be allowed under Subsection (A) hereof for any payment made, directly or indirectly, to an official or employee of the national government, or to an official or employee of any local government unit, or to an official or employee of a government-owned or -controlled corporation, or to an official or employee or representative of a foreign government, or to a private corporation, general professional partnership, or a similar entity, if the payment constitutes a bribe or kickback.

(2) Expenses Allowable to Private Educational Institutions. - In addition to the expenses allowable as deductions under this Chapter, a private educational institution, referred to under Section 27 (B) of this Code, may at its option elect either: (a) to deduct expenditures otherwise considered as capital outlays of depreciable assets incurred during the taxable year for the expansion of school facilities or (b) to deduct...
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