Tax Rate Debate

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Flat Taxation is Equal Taxation

Tax rates in America have been changed and reformed to try and meet the needs of the current economy, or to make a politicians look good. Recent questions have been asked about whether we should reform the entire style of tax rates in America. Future generations are going to feel the burden or benefit from tax choices we make now because it takes time for things of this magnitude to take place. Also it is a possibility that the future generation may need new tax style because of how they are being raised, or not raised, in opinion towards the current tax system. What is the best path to take regarding tax rates? Well, there are two main choices to choose from, a Flat Tax, and a Progressive tax. A tax where everybody pays the same rate regardless of income, or position, is a Flat Tax. Currently America uses a progressive tax rate which is where those with a higher income pay more percentage of taxes than those with a lower income. This, however, is not fair to varying classes. A Flat Tax, on the other hand, is an equal tax and according to the Declaration of Independence “All men are created equal” (US Declaration Ind. 2) therefore a Flat Tax would be deemed fair seeing as it does not change based upon different, but equal, people. Reasons for preferring a Flat Tax rate include making the tax system simpler, fairer, and less vulnerable to political manipulation, tax avoidance, or tax evasion.

A Flat Tax rate is less complicated. “Right now most Americans aren’t sure how much they pay in taxes” (Piatt 14). This is a big problem because we should know how much we are giving to the federal government; also it may make us more aware of how the money is being spent. Being aware leads to being involved, you are not going to stand up for something if you don’t know that it is going on. A Flat tax rate solves this problem by setting a fixed rate at which you pay. You know that you make a certain salary a year and that you will...

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