Taught Me Purple

Topics: Poetry, Education, History of education Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: May 26, 2012
Taught Me Purple by Evelyn Tooley Hunt
My mother taught me purple
Although she never wore it
Wash-Gray was her circle
The tenement orbit

My mother taught me golden
And help me up to see it
Above the broken molding
Beyond the filthy street

My mother reached for beauty
And for its lack she died
Who knew so much of duty
She could not teach me pride
Type of Poem: Symbolism
Title of book: Prentice Hall (Literature Silver)
Page number : 551
In Taught Me Purple by Evelyn Tooley Hunt the message is that the poem is describing all the things her mother taught her, for instance "My mother taught me golden" from the poem symbolizes the sun and how it was beyond everything. How her mother died because she lacked "beauty" which basically meant how her mother how maybe she wasn't healthy, it does not literally mean beauty but maybe how she was beautiful as a clean and normal person. On the last line it said "She could not teach me pride." I think this means that how her mother taught her what was her duty and how to do it, but not any emotional words or how to settle her mind in the inside. The figurative language in this poem is metaphor. The sound effect in this poem is alliteration. I like this poem because Ms.Hunt talks about what her mother taught her before she died. I chose it because I can relate to it in a way. My mother taught me to be respectful to others .But my mother is not dead it .I enjoyed it because she talked about what she learned from her mother before she died.
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