Tattoos: a Brief History (Speech)

Topics: Tattoo, Tattooing, Ötzi the Iceman Pages: 3 (787 words) Published: April 4, 2013
How many people here have at least one tattoo? Anyone have multiple? Well, According to the American Academy of Dermatology 24% of Americans have tattoos. That’s almost one out of every 4. Well, personally, I have over 100 hours of tattoos. I have worked many hours with my tattoo artist and the tattoo process has become almost second nature to me. Well since many of you have tattoos, or have thought about getting a tattoo, I will speak about a brief history of tattoos, and a basic overview of the tattoo process from start to finish. In the not so distant past, most people associated tattoos with bikers, sailors, criminals, or carnival freaks. I’ve even been called a shady character before. Nevertheless, tattoos have become more popular in recent years, and the people who get them are as diverse as the designs and styles they choose. Tattoos themselves have existed for over 5000 years, perhaps even longer. A "caveman" named Otzi The Iceman, who lived around 3300 BC, was found with three sets of tattoos. Although no records exist as to the meanings of the tattoos, archaeologists believe that the marks on his back would have signified his rank in the tribe. Tattoos have come a long way since Otzi. Modern techniques and machines make it so nearly everyone that wants a tattoo can have one. Modern artist create the tattoo by injecting the ink into the persons second layer of skin, the dermis, with their electrically powered tattoo machine. A tattoo machine has three systems that must work together for the machine to function properly: the mechanical system, the magnetic system, and the electrical system. Each of these systems are composed of a few main parts; a sterilized needle, a tube system that draws ink into the machine, an electric motor, and a foot pedal to control the machine. The objective of any proper machine set-up is to achieve synchronization of the machine's three systems while controlling the speed and force of the machine. Since a tattoo machine...
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