Tattoos Not Just for Sailors Anymore!

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Tattoos: Not just for sailors anymore!
Jim Dillander
Axia College Online

Tattoos: Not just for sailors anymore!
Have you ever seen someone with their body covered in tattoos and wondered, “How could they do that? Or have you ever stood next to someone with piercings in their bodies and thought, “what were they thinking?” What about after seeing these people you clutched your purse or wallet thinking that they might try to take it? People with tattoos and piercing are not all criminals, or looking to corrupt society, they are people just like you and I. People with good hearts, and sometimes the nicest people you would ever want to meet.

Ever since the beginning of time, humanity has decorated their bodies with tattoos and piercing. However, in modern times, mostly men were the only ones being “inked”. In my essay I intend to show, even though they are a perminate mark on your body, people of all ages are being tattooed.

People of all ages are getting tattoos. Tattoo parlors are the fifth largest growth business in the United States. (Manuel, Laura Sheehan, Eugene P.. "Getting inked: tattoos and college students. (Report)", College Student Journal, Dec 2007 Issue) In any city in America, you can find at least one tattoo studio. According to a study conducted in 1991, it was estimated that there were only 300 studios in the entire United States. That number jumped to nearly 4000 in 1991. This increase supports the idea that tattoos are not just for service men outlaws anymore.

In the late 50’s and early 60’s only service members and outlaws had tattoos, however tattoos are not for these people anymore. More and more women are getting tattoos. In the past 20 yrs., the number of women getting tattoos has quadrupled. It is estimated that 40-50% of the clients in tattoo studios are women. In a study published earlier this year, of the 164 women in this study, 53(32%) reported having tattoos. This...

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