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Define deviance. In what way can deviant behavior bring about social change? Deviance means that violation of norms for rules or expectations. Deviance is more than just behavior; it involves a moral judgment too. It is impossible to isolate some behavior deviance is a relative term, defined by the society the time and the place.

Also tattoos and body modifications are still considered deviant, it these are accepted by society.

Body modification did exist in our society for many centuries. Also most body tattoos are often misunderstood from modification.

Research tattoo acceptance in the workplace? Should individuals with visible tattoos be able in professional setting? Why or Why not? It all does depends on where the tattoo might be and there is might or may not began issue for employers. The laws still tend to support employer or dress code appearance polices and employers as some are still flexible there circuiting rule. But banning tattoos altogether is appropriate. In some cases, it can still violate the law.

A lot of employers have policies that do not allow that show their tattoos. For example, the odd are that a high star hotel to have big tattoo cross your hand on each hand. Also the hotel might have less concern if the dishwasher in the kitchen those have the same tattoos because direct concert contact with the consumers is less.

While drafting the policies it’s very important to stay focused on the business issues at hand. Policies should not prohibit tattoos also should not reflect value judgment about tattoos the humans who get them. In fact a lot of employers would be surprised find a lot of employees have tattoos and cover them up at work.

Apply Symbolic Interactionism, to how tattoos are viewed.
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