Topics: Tattoo, Art, Body modification Pages: 1 (410 words) Published: December 5, 2013
Many people judge the outward expression of others’ creativity and beauty. Though opinions of this art form have become more accepting, it is still considered taboo. Tattoos should not determine people’s views or thoughts on those who have them. At one time, society thought tattoos were only for those in biker gangs or the military. Only the outcasts of society were known to partake in the taboo tradition. Actually, anyone, from a college professor to a soccer mom, can have a tattoo. The presence or absence of body art does not define the person. I have four tattoos that I decided to get for various reasons and at different times in my life. Each has a special meaning and allows me to have an outward representation of emotions I sometimes cannot voice. My tattoos are an expression of my personality, and no one should judge me for them. I have faced adversity, even from family members, due to my tattoos and piercings. I did not take getting a tattoo lightly. I did not walk into a random shop and point out a drawing on the wall to be inked on my skin. I talked to my parents, friends, pastor and tattoo artists before getting tattooed. I wanted my decision to be well informed so I would never regret it. Though I know I did nothing wrong, I still face people who judge me. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said he hoped his children would not be judged by the color of their skin but the content of the character. Though his “I Have a Dream” speech did not refer to tattoos, it advocated equality. It should not matter if someone is white, black, green or tattooed, everyone should be treated the same. People should be judged by their character, not their appearance. It is who a person is on the inside that matters. As Christians, we are commanded not to judge anyone, whether it is for their actions or their appearance. God will be the one to judge me. My Father created me beautifully and loves all of me, including my tattoos. Tattoos, honestly, are just as much of a way to show...
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