tattoo and work

Topics: Employment, Morality, Body modification Pages: 4 (1366 words) Published: April 26, 2014
 Z1611873 Synthesis Essay English 104

In my synthesis essay I will talk about both sides of having a visible tattoo by using the articles “Tattoos in the Workplace: What's an Employer to Do?”, "The Relationship Between Body Modification and GPA." and “Tattoos Gain Even More Visibility”. These articles work together to show the pros and cons of living with a tattoo whether it is in the workplace, visible or for a religious purpose. The article “Tattoos in the Workplace…”, the article explains all the reasons in why someone with a tattoo shouldn’t be judged off only that. It also talks about how doing such is a violation of the law. In the article “Tattoos Gain Even More Visibility” it mentions how in today’s society visible body modifications have become more popular and accepted. In the article “The Relationship Between Body Modification and GPA”, the article summarizes a study done of young people aging from 15 till 25. In the relationship between the three articles I think tattoos should be accepted as long as they can’t be seen in the workplace. These articles will prove and go against my opinion that tattoos in most cases should be a loud in a workplace as long as it isn’t visible. Rejecting someone for a job because of their tattoos is a form of discrimination and should not ever happen. Before reading these articles I had no stance about tattoos because I had none myself. In this issue the audience will be interviewers and employers who think tattoos interfere with someone being able to work with the public. In a scenario about a girl being interviewed for a job with some visible religious tattoos, she went in for an interview but after the interview she found out she...
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