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Executive Summary
Basement Ink tattoo and laser removal, will open a small tattoo parlor in suburbs of Chicago, Tinley Park IL, where both people looking for their first tattoo or people that wish to switch to a new artist will have a chance to meet a few established, talented artists. This parlor will be the only one of its kind in a 15 mile radius, because of all of the strict laws in the town. The business will provide small to large tattoos from existing designs and basic tattoos that can be executed in one hour, and full half-day sessions with the artists are also available. The artists can offer extended consultations and custom design work with the customers as needed. The prices of the individual artist vary, but one thing is for sure the shop will have minimum of 60 dollars for a tattoo. One of the artists in the shop, Rick (co-founder), also does award winning portraits in black and gray form. Another service offered is laser removal, by state trained professionals with a nurse on hand during the removal. In the immediate future, the parlor will also open a piercing and dermal implant room, with a professional piercer (Coz). The business will also sell shop specific clothing items and posters featuring designs created by the artists at the business. The founders, Terry and Rick (a tattoo artist and silent partner), seek a $25,000, two-year loan to launch the business. The business needs only $55,000 to launch, due to the low capital requirements of the business and the intention to use low-cost marketing techniques and direct selling to find initial customers. This low startup cost and the high margins on tattoo work (around 85%) will lead to positive cash flow within 6 months and the ability to repay this loan easily, as well as provide impressive dividends to the owners and a generous salary to the additional freelance artist contracted by the business. Expected sales should exceed $250,000 by the third year based on the full-time work of these individuals.

Basement Ink Tattoo will meet the following objectives over its first three years of operation: * Reach annual revenues of approximately $250,000 in a three year period * Successfully create 6000 tattoos and piercings over the next three years * Remove any unwanted tattoos that people have received

* Earn net profits for the owners, for significant total compensation to the two owners including salaries and dividends * Help bring some much needed revenue for the area, while providing superb workmanship and creativity

Basement Ink Tattoo will create tattoo art for customers in the Tinley Park IL area, through the flash hanging on the wall or custom pieces the individual brings, and other products by the shop's tattoo artists. The business wishes to create a full-time living for Terry and Rick , the owners, while sharing revenue with the additional employed artist who will help to build a business. Company Summary

Basement Ink Tattoo, to be located in Tinely Park IL on 165th Cicero Avenue. The business will be founded and run by Rick , an experienced tattoo artist, and Terry who is the silent partner and investor. There will be five additional artiest hired to expand the options for customers and to make better use of the company's resources. Along with the artiest, the Piercer will also provide piercings of all types as well as do all the laser removals. The business will provide color tattoos both from customs designs by the artists and the flash hanging on the walls. The T-shirts sold at the shop will have the logo of the shop which the owners will create upon opening. Customers will include both those new to tattoos and those that have previous tattoo experience; ages will vary from 18 all the way to 60. Company Ownership

The business is established as a limited liability partnership between Terry and Rick, with 50% ownership by Terry and 50% ownership by Rick.

Start-up Summary...

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Business Plan
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