Tatto Ethnography

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Tattoo Ethnography

The individual I am going to be interviewing is a twenty-two year old African American male originally from Miami, Florida but moved up to Gainesville, Florida to attend school and major in Architecture. He is currently working as a security guard at North Florida Regional Medical Center. The description of the tattoo is a picture of two dices and flames surrounding the letters MAR which is a nickname the individuals’ mother gave him; and the tattoo is located on the individuals’ inner forearm on his left hand. The interviewee got the tattoo when he was eighteen years old back in November of 2009, where he explained the reason behind getting this tattoo. He started off by saying that he had just turned eighteen years old that October in 2009 and he wanted to signify that he had just graduated high school and he was old enough to do most things an eighteen year old can do. He said getting a tattoo is something he always wanted to get some tattoos, but he said he originally walked inside to get a sleeve, which is when your whole entire arm from wrist to shoulder is covered in tattoos but the cost came up to a thousand dollars so he settle for something way less. The participant got his tattoo in Miami, Florida at a tattoo parlor called Silver Back Tattoo shop which is well known in and around the surrounding Miami areas. The interviewee said the artist he chose to do his tattoo was a white male he believed look like to be between the ages of 23 and 26, so a young dude and the artist had tattoos everywhere. The interviewee went on to say that the artist had two sleeves on his arm, a few tattoos on his leg, and some tattoos on his face as well. He chose this person because that was the first person to greet him as he came in and also, he was the one that asked him what kind of tattoo he was looking to get. This artist also worked with him to figure out what tattoo would have best suited him and also what were in his price range; and...
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