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Advertising Assignment 2
Analysis of the message strategy in the Tata Tea – “Jaago Re” advertisement.

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Tata Tea – Jaago Re
In today’s highly competitive marketing world, the ‘Tata Tea’ brand has been able to position itself as one of the most in-demand beverage brand. In my review, I will be highlighting the impact of the ‘Tata Tea’ advertisements on the consumer. INTRODUCTION

Tata Tea Limited is a subsidiary company of the TATA Group, set up in 1964 as a joint venture company with UK-based James Finlay & Company, to develop value-added teas. Over the years, the brand has diversified its production segments into five major brands in the Indian market – Tata Tea, Tetley Tea, Kanan Devan, Chakra Gold and Gemini. The Tata Tea brand not only leads in market share in terms of value and volume in India but is also accorded the “Super Brand” position in the country. Tata Tea has subsidiaries in overseas markets. Its unique fashion of blending fresh green tea leaves thus capturing the tea’s natural aroma and its distinctive packaging style is widely accepted in western markets. As a result of which, Tetley Tea is considered the No.1 tea brand in Great Britain and Canada. MARKETING STRATEGY

Apart from focusing on waking people up with a cup of tea, Tata Tea has added ‘the steam’ to their strategy by awakening the consumer to social concerns. Tata Tea’s aim has now shifted to making youth and young adults their target audience. The company aims to communicate with its consumers by motivating them to exercise their fundamental rights, thereby exhibiting their socially conscious approach. ‘JAAGO RE’ CAMPAIGN

The Tata tea ‘Jaago Re’ campaign was launched in 2007 with the politician film along with five snippets established the ‘Jaago Re’ platform. In 2008 campaign capitalized on general election and adopted voting as a communication theme. Corruption was the...

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