TATA Steel Organisational Culture

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Tata Steel Limited was founded in 1907 by Dorabji Tata.

It was formerly known as Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited (TISCO).

It’s a Transnational MNC with a geocentric attitude with primary focus on using the best approaches and bringing in qualified people from all across the world.

It has operations in 26 countries and markets in over 50 countries with over 80,000 employees.

It is the 12th largest steel producing company in the world(2012).

It was ranked 471st in the 2013 Fortune Global 500 ranking of the world's biggest corporations.

Organizational Culture

Innovating Culture: TATA Steel fosters a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. It launched ‘Steel Junction’ in 2005, which was India’s first organized retail store for steel products.

Special type of steel for North-East Indian states which are more prone to Earthquakes.

Invests regularly in developing eco-friendly methods of
manufacturing steel eg. Hydrofoaming Crude Steel.

Tata Steel’s R&D efforts focus on breakthrough technologies (through its participation in the ULCOS project) and Raw Material
beneficiation to effect reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Organizational Culture

Team Orientation: Through Initiatives like ‘Manthan Ab Shop-floor Se’ & T.A.S, they promote sharing of knowledge & leadership skills to their employees.

People Orientation: ‘People are our greatest asset.’ The employee engagement practices, facilities and benefits are aligned towards ensuring the satisfaction & retention of employees.

The Tata Steel Management Development Centre (TMDC) creates
managerial and functional training opportunities for all officers of Tata Steel India.

Diverse Culture. The company promotes a diverse working
environment to enhance employee morale and also to promote
creative thinking.

Approach to Globalisation

In 1990, it started expansion plan and established its...
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