Tata Nano Briefly

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Tata Nano

Source 1: Tata Nano Official website.
>information about the tata nano , generally speaking about the specifications of the car and the time of launch. >The history of the company , the owners point of view and the idea of the launch . >how may the car help the people in india , how it may affect them negatively. >The reaction of the government and other automobile companies. >the main aims of the company .

> The quality of the car.
first source : http://tatanano.inservices.tatamotors.com/tatamotors/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1

Source 2: Economics book we used in BLSS last term.
> competition in the market by tata nano,is a monopoly or an oligopoly going to occur . >Economies of scale and their effect on competition , where was the advantage of the launch of the new car. >Price and demand studies, which aspect made the best results for the nano in terms of sales and marketing. >is the price cut a result of location in india ? if the company was in another country and relocated to india , would it also be on the same level of selling the car this cheap ?.... > The reflection of the IMF , how would ....


source 3 : the economist magazine:
> survival of other car companies is being a hard aim. after the launch of the tata nano , many chinese and japanese car manufactures will have to struggle in surviving of controlling the market of cheap and economical cars. > the tata nano may be of a large disadvantages on many local car producers where the tata nano is the cheapest of them all and it may be with larger advantage as it is of better quality and more economically satisfying in either the price or the consumption of fuel.

Source 4: Interview with previous general manager of FORD Saudi Arabia > Idian manufactures Tata have had a large effect on the gulf car market as after their launch of their first trucks , the sales of ford , mitsubishi and toyota trucks have decreased by 5.4%, 7% and 6%...
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