Tata Consultancy Services

Topics: Tata Consultancy Services, Chief executive officer, Clan Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Tata Consultancy Services:
A Global Workforce Leader
Amber D. Herring
Midway College

This paper will discuss TCS’s culture and how that culture helps TCS to be a global success. Using the textbook for the class and TCS’s official website, the paper will include the initiatives that TCS uses to manage its global employee base. Lastly, it will discuss which of these workforce initiatives are most important.

Tata Consultancy Services
A Global Workforce Leader
Tata Consultancy Services was established in 1968 and has grown to be one of the largest IT service firms in the world (TCS, 2013). The company is an absolute giant when it comes to the amount of employees they staff. According to their official website, the company has over 254,000 of the world’s best-trained IT consultants in 44 countries, around the world (2013). With a need for that many employees, TCS faces a lot of challenges. They need employees that are not only tech-savvy, but also ones that are versatile and can meet the demands of such a company (Kinicki & Fugate, 2012, p. 57). It’s not easy to meet such high demands without implementing HR programs like Ignite. “It aims to expand and deepen the company’s recruiting reach beyond the larger universities and cities, and beyond engineering and technology” (Kinicki & Fugate, 2012, p. 57). According to Kinicki & Fugate (2012), the program is seven months long, and a whopping 65% of the program trainees are women. Partnerships with groups such as AIESEC also show such initiative. The yearlong program partners students from around the world and they receive “cross-cultural training, work with individual mentors and meet senior management at an annual conference “ (Kinicki & Fugate, 2012, p. 57). TCS’s global programs are a top priority, and one of the reasons they are so successful. TCS is devoted to talent development programs. This is one of the most important global work force initiatives that they have...

References: Kinicki, A., & Fugate, M. (2012). Organizational behavior: Key concepts, skills & best practices. New York, NY. McGraw-Hill/Irwin.
Tata Consultancy Services. (2013). Retrieved March 10, 2013, from http://www.tcs.com
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