Tata Case Study

Topics: Brand, Iron ore, Globalization Pages: 4 (813 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Case Analysis: TATA STEEL
Framing of case:
1. Key questions:
1. | With the change in the leadership, will TATA be able to move ahead with the same pace?| 2.| Recently, Tata Steel announced a loss compare to last quarter. Main reasons being the Euro crisis, because 2/3rd of the steel of Tata is consumed by Europe. Would TATA Steel still be able to tackle deficit of Sale?| 3.| Should Tata Steel view the demand scenario in India especially after the sluggish growth witnessed in Financial Year 2011-12 for further strategy building?|

2. Flipping and skimming:
1| Introduction which includes it area of operation, extent of globalization, internal ability, and some of the internal issues and also the forecast of the Industry.| 2| Pest Analysis of Sector which includes salient features NSP, major economical problems, CSR, Technological factors, competitive advantage. | 3| Forecast of firm, porters model, competitive rivalry.| 4| Impact of globalization, mergers and acquisition, legal environment |

3. Beginning of case:
1| 1907, Tata Steel born, vision of Ratanji Tata.|
2| 3 phses of Tata Steel: before 1991, 1991-2001, and after 2001.| 3| Present capacity and performance of the company, current operation areas and mergers and acquisition.| 4| Internal ability of Tata as well as the recent financial of Tata Steel|

4. Ending of case:
1| Impact of globalization on Sector|
2| Disinvestment|
3| Mergers and Acquisition|
4| Legal Environment|

Labelling of case:
1. General environment:
1| Market challenges: As China has turned into a net exporter of steel since 2005, Indian steel has to compete with low-cost Chinese steel not only in global markets, but also in certain domestic product| 2| Infrastructural challenges: The steel industry faces infrastructural challenges on two fronts: (1) Land acquisition and environmental clearance delays, which impede new project execution| 3| Stagnant demand of steel in...
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