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“Tastykakes” have been one of the most renown and famouscompany for food snack in and around the Philadelphia area (a chief city and port in SE Pennsylvania) in the U.S.A.It was built in 1914 and the cofounder was Phillip Baur.

Each day Tastykake produces around 5 million snack cakes, pies, cookies, and doughnuts. Although those years, its sales was static (except 2001, Tasty Baking hit $166 million in sales, netting $6 million profit), still CEO Charles Pizzi launched an innovative line extension in 2004. The line was certainly very important process. The main focus of this step was to innovate healthy and low-carb food snakes, namely – cakes, biscuits.

In January 2004, Marketing Manager Cambell Soup was given the task of making low-carb Tastykake reality.Later on mid of the January, John Sawicki, manager of research, arranged for a private tasting (Schutz and her colleagues) to improve the ingredients. Everyone likes the taste except Doughnuts. That time the secret project name was “GRETA” for “Greta Carbo”.

Afterwards all the department stared to improve the quality as well as test.Sawicki and his team invented a sugar alcohol named ‘Maltitol’, which could be substitute of sugar, because he wanted to make “Greta sugar-free”. In the mean while they found that ‘Maltitol’ has some side effects, so they reduces its amount and newly used a little amount of polydextrose and glycerin. Not only this but also they reduced the portion of the food snakes.

Additionally, Schutz and his team was working on the products shape and topping, because Schutz believed that people eat with their eyes.

At the end by 12 of May, they introduced the product called “Sensables”.

Finally, Sensable were launched in August 2004.
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