Tasmanian Wine Exec Summary

Topics: Marketing / Pages: 4 (837 words) / Published: Jan 27th, 2015
Tasmanian wine: Best served with a unique cultural experience – Gemma Lewis & Kim Lehman

Executive Summary

This report explores the characteristics of high-involvement consumers by capturing the behavior and needs of consumers of the wine industry, particularly in the state of Tasmania. The authors draw attention to how wine producers in Tasmania have increasingly given significance to situational and environmental factors that tap into the needs and desires of wine consumers.

As a result, the authors report that wine producers have identified wine consumers to be cultural consumers and have since revolutionalised the wine industry by promoting wine consumption as a unique cultural experience by bringing other cultural activities such as music, art and fine food to the table.

Throughout the report, the authors have identified that wine consumers tend to share common characteristics as other cultural enthusiasts in that they are generally motivated by the pleasure they receive from the product rather than its purely functional utility. Similarly, these consumers who tend to be from the middle-aged, educated and high-income market segment also enjoy status, aesthetic pleasure, and knowledge.

The article then goes on to discuss how Tasmanian wine producers have used this knowledge to identify main motivation drivers to influence consumer behavior. One such example that the authors have pointed is the popular use of Cellar doors or tasting rooms in Tasmania. The authors are of the opinion that such a practice feeds into the desires of wine consumers by going beyond being a facility for trialing and purchasing a product, to engaging the consumer in an ongoing relationship with the wine brand and wine experience.

To further elucidate the cultural influence Tasmanian wine producers are attempting on consumers, the authors bring to light examples of big industry players such as Meadowbank Estate, Moores Hill and Josef Chromy Wines to name a few. These industry

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