Task C reflective account

Topics: Personal life, Old age, Gerontology Pages: 1 (455 words) Published: December 1, 2014
Task C reflective account
I work in a nursing home for the dementia of the elderly and I understand that their upbringing and background was very different to how mine was, some of the service users have a very different view on life with their beliefs but I take into account that everyone has their own way of living and thinking for example sadly one of the services users past away last year and her close friend who also lives in the home wanted me to accompany her to her funeral in a church, even though I don’t believe in god I still took the time on my day off to take her and pay my respect and sang the songs throughout the lovely service, religion may affect people in different ways as we are taught differently and brought up in different ways by doing this it made me happy that I made a service user happy that she could attend.it is important that I remember that my personal preferences are different to others and that I can’t and will not try to change that, for example iv recently had a conversation with an elderly woman that I look after about cleanliness, she explained to me that when she was my age she only had a bath once a week and that was only on a Sunday, I explained to her my beliefs in how I have a bath daily and sometimes twice a day as that is how I was brought up, I asked her if she still would like to have a bath on a Sunday but she replied with she doesn’t really mind what day she has her bath but sometimes would like two.

Inclusive practice-
Inclusive practise is making sure that all service users are able to join in or attend any activity that is planned for example, a trip out for the day, service users that are unable to walk should never be excluded from the activity, there is a way of them going for example a specialised transport that is able to take a large amount of service users even If they are in a wheelchair. Excluded practice-

Excluded practice is when service users are not treat the same or the person hasn’t taken into...
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