Task and projects

Topics: Education, Language education, Second language acquisition Pages: 10 (6576 words) Published: October 25, 2014
SUBJECT ASSIGNMENTTASKS AND PROJECTS Contents A. Analyse this project according to the criteria laid down by Rib and Vidal, Fied-Booth and Legutke and Thomas for project work. 1. Presentation a. Goals b. Topic orientation c.Input 2. Focus 3. Teacher Role 4. Learner Role 5. Procedure a. Classroom research context b. Environmental classroom factors c. The opportunities for production (oral and written) the material provides. 6. Language focus 7. Analysis a. Fried- Booth theories 1. Analysis from point of view of the classroom planning. 2. Carrying out the project 3. Review and monitoring the work b. Ribe and Vidal theories 1. Context and structure of the material regarding the organization as a project. 2. Creating a good classroom atmosphere. 3. Getting the class interested. 4. Selecting the topic. 5. Creating a general outline of the project. 6. Doing basic research around a topic. 7. Reporting to the class. 8. Processing feedback 9. Putting all together 10. Presenting the project 11. Assessing and evaluating the project c. Legutke and Thomas theory 1. Opening 2. Topic orientation 3. Research and data collection 4. Preparing data presentation 5. Presentation 6. Evaluation 7. Conclusion B.How would you need to adapt this project for use with a group of learners with which you are familiar (You need to clearly specify the teaching context, and rationale for the adaptations you would make, as well as specifying the adaptations themselves). a. Application of the project to Latin/American environment. 1. System of education 2. Learners 3. Social context 4. Availability of the aim of the project 5. Motivation 6. Chronological appliance of the project 7. Curriculum consideration 8. Conclusion Bibliography 1. Presentation. Tasks are currently considered one of the most effective means to promote foreign language teaching in the classroom so there are different types and classifications of them according with what we want our students to learn however, as argue M. Legutke and H. Thomas The tasks by themselves not only guarantee the performance of a communicative class thus, what is needed is a larger framework of projects in which can deploy its inherent potential for learning through communication According with that, they point out that the project works are very useful for practicing the language knowledge in a real context. In this paper we will analyze The music project by Robert Campbell but this time taking into account the criteria laid down by Ribe and Vidal, Fried- Booth and Legutke and Thomas. a. Goals. The use of tasks in the classroom has become an essential tool to develop language skills in students into the classroom. The goal of the project is to promote learning through music, in order to develop not only their knowledge but also the interpersonal skills of the students. b.Topic orientation. When we regard any topic in English language then we connect it with the content itself of the task or project that is developed in the classroom. Topic is associated with knowledge because to successfully interact we need to employ our knowledge about what is to speak about. Having knowledge about the topic is also helping you to stay relevant to the situation or the experience. Furthermore topic is associated with vocabulary and this will enhance both comprehension and communication. Music as a topic is one of the most acceptable and desirable in the English classroom, it is regarded as a topic talk, students could learn oral language structures in a meaningful way. We can observe that the structure of the topic in the Music Project is organized through music all the activities are interconnected with the topic itself. The topic becomes the catalyst for further knowledge development of ideas, conventions and purposes. c. Input. In a language classroom the main purpose of all ongoing activities is for the students to learn the language being taught. An important factor...
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