Task 2 Dealing with Incidents and Emergencies

Topics: First aid, Risk, Emergency Pages: 4 (1491 words) Published: June 20, 2015
Dealing with Incidents and Emergencies

For this assignment I must be able to understand priorities and responses in dealing with incidents and emergencies; I am in my workplace setting when I come across a particular incident. I need to deal with the incident in order to minimise any risk to myself and other individuals within the setting as efficiently as possible, ensuring that I adhere to any relevant legislation, policies and procedures. It is required of me that I need to deal with the incident that I are presented with, ensuring that I discuss the health, safety and security concerns that I may have, explain possible priorities and responses and then justify why I have dealt with the incidents in the way I have. (Scenario is outlined within the assignment cover sheet)

To Obtain A Pass:
P4 Explain possible priorities and responses when dealing with two particular incidents or emergencies in a health and social care setting. To Obtain A Merit:
M3 Discuss health and safety and security concerns arising from a specific incident or emergency in a health or social care setting To Obtain A Distinction:
D2 Justify responses to a particular incident or emergency in a health and social care setting.

Priorities and Responses with Justifications:
When looking at this specific scenario, it is important to thoroughly evaluate and analyse the specifics in relation to what is involved and the possible consequences of actions. My first response when being faced with this is to check for any danger that could harm me and other people. When I have assessed the area I would then make sure that the area remains safe by stopping any traffic and asking any by passers if they could make sure the traffic is stopped and also if they could phone the emergency services if not already done and asking for the fire brigade if the car involved is in a dangerous place or if it is leaking fuel/other harmful materials, asking for the police to help cordon off...
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