Task 2

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Written Task 2

Written tasks
One of the tasks submitted for external

assessment must be based on a literary text
studied in part 3or part 4 of the course.
(The Awakening, Katherine Mansfield short
stories, Sylvia Plath Poetry, A Doll’s House,
Interpreter of Maladies ss and Pride and
The other must be based on material studied in

the language option ( Media and

Formal requirements for tasks 2

One of the tasks submitted for external
assessment must be a critical response to one
of 6 prescribed questions

Aims of task 2
to consider in greater detail the material studied in the

different parts of the language A: language and literature
 to reflect and question in greater depth the values,

beliefs and attitudes that are implied in the texts Studied
to encourage students to view texts in a number of ways
 to enable students to give an individual response to the

way in which texts can be understood in the light of the
prescribed questions.

A rationale is not included with task 2. Instead,

students are expected to complete an outline
This outline must be completed in class time and

must include:
1. the prescribed question that has been chosen
2. the title of the text(s) for analysis
3. the part of the course to which the task refers
4. three or four key points that explain the
particular focus of the task.

The critical response is in the style of a

formal essay and must be clearly structured
with an introduction, clearly developed ideas
or arguments and a conclusion.

Reader, culture and text

1. How could the text be read and interpreted

by two different readers?

If the text had been written in a different
time or place or language or for a different
audience, how and why might it differ?

Power and privilege

1. How and why is a social group represented

in a particular way?
2. Which social groups are marginalized,

excluded or silenced within the text?

Text and genre
1. How does the text conform to, or deviate
from, the conventions of a particular genre,
and for what purpose?
2. How has the text borrowed from other texts,
and with what effects?

Word count & Deadline

800-1000 words
Sunday 11th January- discuss the outline
1st draft due Wednesday 21st January, 2015

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