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Task 2

By annaania19 Nov 20, 2014 274 Words
Task 2.9.4 Answers

Off the job training so that the workers can learn to deal with customers properly before they start work. Role play would help them to practise what to say to different types of customers. A demonstration would help them to learn how to use the computer software.

Off-the-job training – send them on a typing course so they are taught and practise the skills that they need.

Off-the-job but at his place of work.
The driver should work with a gardener to be shown how to prune the plants – he/she might shadow the work to watch what is done.
He/she might practise pruning with the gardener supervising, which might be an example of on-the-job training.

Off-the-job – opportunities for on-the-job training for this kind of problem would not be common, nor would they be suitable for on-the-job training. Lectures would be useful about the legal situation regarding bullying, discrimination and health and safety issues. The supervisor would need to know what can be done if a person is guilty of these wrongs.

Role play would be very important so that the supervisor can learn how to deal with people – perhaps first how to calm them down, then how to get proper accounts from them about what happened.

On-the-job. The trainee would watch demonstrations by more experienced workers, then practise on clients under supervision.

Off-the-job – there is no-one in the business she can learn from, she needs to go on a course where she would be taught these skills. Expanding the business in this way also challenges Annabel’s leadership/management skills. She may need to go on a management course for this.


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