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Topics: Impressionism, Vincent van Gogh, Art Pages: 4 (952 words) Published: November 16, 2014

Post-impressionism is the art period that took in motion in the late 1880’s, and grew from the impressionistic art movement taking in a deeper more emotion driven form of art. Impressionism is an art impact that began around 1874. The period was developed in France for the period 19th century in reaction against the majority art norms of that period. Around that time there were very firm rules of art. The rules that were followed limit to the use of bright colors, used in paintings that depicted normal life without its political links to anything. The starters of this movement were and in its beginnings a society or group of anonymous painters, sculptors, Printmakers, etc. (Sam, 2004). Impressionism and post-impressionism are the art periods showed us the way we identify the natural, and emotional artistic atmosphere around us Impressionism had become the standard for artists in depicting modern life (Sam, 2004). There were unknown group of impression artist developed larger in numbers after sometime. Influencing art up to point that their style became widely accepted as the official Salon, as the new language with which to depict a modern life. Claude Monet was one of the most famous artists during this crusade. Claude Monet gave the Impressionist movement its title. Claude Monet produced a famous painting titled, Sunrise. The masterpiece Sunrise was exhibited at an exhibition in Paris in 1874. Many criticized the painting. Louis Leroy was critic that stated, that the painting looked like a sketch or impression that wasn’t finished being painted. With all negative remarks, the impressionist’s style of painting caught on very fast. Impression pieces were constructed by artists using short broken brushstrokes. They used Brushstrokes that barely carry forms, pure unblended colors, and displayed an importance on the effects of light. Uneven colors design placed importance on the effects that light had on the objects being painted. The impressionist’s...

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