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Task 1- know the statutory responsibilities and right of employees and employers within own area of work.

1.1– list the aspects of employment covered by law.
You willl have a contract with your employer which both of you will sign, this means that you both have agreed on the terms of the work you will do. this contract also covers the aspects of employment, these aspects are: your minimum wage

the hours you are working
health and safety
your holidays your entitled to
your training
about redundancy and about dismissal
about the disciplinary procedures
Union rights
All of these have to be covered by law.
1.2- list the main features of current employment legislation. The main features of current employment are: the rights to pay and sick pay, bad working conditions, holiday entitlement, rights to training, flexiable working hours, working hours, health and safety, employment contracts (which you have to have and signed to say that you agree to the terms of your contract). You have a right to all of these features. 1.3 – outline why legislation relating to employment exists Legislation relating to employment exsists to keep the employees safe, it also helps to stop discrimination against disabled people. Legislation exists to help stop the employers taking advantage of their employees. There are different types of legislation, these are: disability discrimination act (which means that anyone can apply for a job and employers shouldn’t discriminate people just of their disabitliy), health and saftey act (which covers the employees and makes sure that they are working in safe environment and not putting their health at risk), national standards for child care and education settings (which means that a child care setting must be up to the standards of OFSTED), control of substances hazardous to health (which is about keeping the employees safe and seeing if there are any hazards and if so how could you prevent them from happening again by doing a risk assessment). All of these are in place to keep the employees safe in their jobs for harm. 1.4 – identify sources and types of information and advice available in relation to employment responsibilities and rights You will be able to find out about employment responsibilities and right in books, your contract, policies and procedures in your work, colleagues, in the job description and you could ask your manager about them. Access to work helps people that have a disability cope the affects of their disability at work, for example the way they do their job or getting to and from work. Access to work will give you and your employer support with costs that might turn up because of your needs. Access to work could pay for all the cost of the equipment you might need at work and they could pay for getting to and from work. You can get access to work even if your disability doesn’t have a big affect on you during everyday life, but if it is affecting the way your working. Additional learning support help children with learning disabilities. They can help give you advice on funding study related support from disabled students allowance. Children with any of these learning disablities can apply for additional learning support: autism, depression, mobility difficulties, sensory impairments, dyslexia, ADD, epilepsy and many more. This is some of the support they can offer: one to one learning support, dyslexia assessments, exam adjustments. This helps children get more out of their education, some of the children may need help all the way though their school life but some may not. Some children may need additional support but not because they have a disability, they may need help because they are being bullied, caring for a relative at home, being a young parent or being abused.

Task 2 – understand agreed ways of working that protect own relationship with employer. 2.1 – describe the terms and conditions of own contract of employment. I have a...
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