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Tartuffe Study Guide

By cmmartinez5 Oct 08, 2014 326 Words
Tartuffe Study Guide

Know the reasons some people became enemies of Moliere

Know who influenced Molière as a playwright.

The hypocrite, the blustering youth, the clever servant, and the timid young girl are all examples of what kind of characters in drama?

Where are the above found today?

Why was Tartuffe controversial?

What did Moliere claim to be mocking in this play?

In the opening scene, what are the reasons Madame Pernelle is upset?

Understand how to recognize the following in the play:
sexual innuendo

When Orgon refers to “Heaven’s will” he really means what?

Understand the character of Damis; what are his traits? What does he represent?

Understand the argument between Valère and Mariane.

Understand the character of Cleante; what are his traits? What does he represent?

Understand how Marianne reacts to her father’s decision about her wedding.

How does Tartuffe reconcile his physical passion for Elmire with his religious nature?

How does Elmire react to the improper advances?

How does Tartuffe escape Orgon’s wrath after Damis’s accusation?

What is Elmire’s reaction when Organ disinherits his son?

Why doesn’t Cléante think that Tartuffe is a true Christian?

Near the end, what are Orgon’s motives for marrying his daughter to Tartuffe?

What are possible reasons why Orgon waits so long in appearing from under the table?

What does Dorine predict will occur if Mariane is forced to wed Tartuffe?

How does Tartuffe trap Orgon into legal trouble?

Which member of the family is the most level-headed during the final confrontation?

What can be implied by the play’s “Happy Ending”? (Tartuffe is arrested instead of Orgon)

What, can it be argued, brought Tartuffe to the house in the first place?

Tartuffe is considered a classic example of satire. Given this assertion, and your understanding of the play, what is the purpose of satire?

What characteristics and techniques are Molière’s legacy to modern drama?

What vices, or problems, does Tartuffe (the character) represent?

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