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Research Design
In this study, an experimental design will be used to test the pesticidal effect of betel nut kernel extract on leaf miner larvae (L. trifolii) The researchers of this study used standard laboratory procedures concerning to the detection of the pesticidal activity of betel nut kernel extract. This study used (4) treatments of betel nut kernel extract, which were as follows: 1. T1 –betel nut kernel decoction

2. T2– crude kernel extract
3. T3– 15% ethanol – kernel extract solution
4. T4– 30% ethanol – kernel extract solution

Data Gathering
A. Betel Nut Kernel Extraction
The betel nut kernel collected from a residential area in Brgy. MudburonAlangalang, Leyte. The acquired nuts is placed inside a plastic bag by the researchers. The nuts collected was washed with running water, to eliminate surface dirt and other contaminants such as liquid fertilizers and allowed them to drain. The nuts will be peeled and the kernel inside will be utilized. The fruit kernel will be used in each of the treatments that will be prepared. 1. Decoction of Kernel

A decoction using 100 grams of air dried fruit kernels and 300 ml. of distilled water was prepared. The fruit kernels were cut into three parts prior to the boiling process. By means of a clay pot and wooden spoon, the leaves were boiled and stirred frequently for 20 minutes. After then, the pot was removed from the fire and the mixture was allowed to cool off. Finally, the mixture was filtered using cheesecloth and was placed in a clean glass container labeled appropriately. 2. Water-Crude Kernel Extract

Using a blender and 300 ml distilled water, the researchers homogenized 150 grams of freshly sliced betel nut fruit kernel. The fruit kernels were first sliced into two parts. Afterwards, the sliced fruit kernels were introduced to the blender until it became totally crushed. The concoction made undergone filtration using...
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